Class Tyro Junior Karting

Introduction Within the Motorsport UK Junior Clubman class the GJunior Tyro concept has been developed to offer low cost racing in an effort to bring more young people into the sport. The concept of operating simplicity enables even the most non technical parent to provide sufficient input for the child and parent to enjoy their days racing. If these regulations do not say that an action is permissible it may be deemed illegal. Always check with CGC Karting.

Chassis The Tyro chassis is specifically made for this concept to enable the use of a universal tyre. The chassis is made of 28mm tubing with a 101cm wheelbase. The chassis may not be modified in any way from that first delivered to a customer, except that (i) lead weight may be added as required, (ii) pedal stops may be removed for short drivers and pedal extensions are permissible, (iii) a different sized seat may be fitted but this must be supplied by Gillard or CGC, (iv) balance weights may be fitted to the wheel rims. The front track is variable between 106 and 112cms the rear variable between 118 and 130cms, steering is by a fixed Ackermann and a 30mm hollow rear axle is fitted. A mechanical brake is fitted to the rear axle. Only genuine Gillard replacement parts purchased from Gillard Engineering or CGC Karting are permitted.

Bodywork Side pods, side bars, and Nassau panel are to Competitors and Officials Yearbook regulations. The Stilo front spoiler is mounted upon a CIK/20 mounting block using the upper and lower loops on the original chassis design. Only genuine Gillard replacement parts purchased from Gillard Engineering or CGC Karting are permitted. Alternative stickers are not allowed except for the addition of commercial sponsorship in areas as displayed in the diagram shown on the Tyro Website.

Numbers Race numbers are black on a white ground. Numbers between 11 and 89 are allowed provided an existing driver does not already have their number registered with CGC Karting.

Engine A Radne Racket 95cc two stroke engine is used, conforming in every way with the Fiche. A BPM8Y spark plug must be used. The only modification that is allowed is for a hole to be made in the engine cover to allow a temperature sensor to be fitted whilst still enabling easy access to the spark plug. The engine is fitted with an 11 tooth sprocket and a dry clutch. The fuel is fed from a Tillotson 319A carburettor that must not be modified in any way. The only fluid allowed to be added to the petrol is Silcolene Pro2. The only modification to the exhaust system is to allow the rivets in the silencer to be drilled out and be re fixed by suitable screws when replacing the Radne branded exhaust mat. Either a blue intake silencer or a bottle type with a twin intake must be used without modification. The engine has either a TAG system or a combined TAG and pull start. To reduce weight it is permitted to remove the battery/start button unit and the starter motor. In this case a Protrain standard kill switch must be fitted and be situated on the chassis rail in a similar position to that used by the battery kill switch.

Maintenance The maintenance of the engine and carburettor may only be carried out through the registered service organisation, BRT, or a member of the Protrain/CGC staff. Owners are permitted to replace the exhaust mat with the branded Radne Exhaust Mat and to replace the brake pads with the official Gillard spare parts.

Tyres Race Tyres are Heidenau HDD intermediate 10×4.50×5 fitted to front and 11x7x5 fitted to the rear. Prior to taking part in a race the tread pattern must be visible over at least 50% of the width of the tyre. The tyres fitted on the kart when it arrives on Saturday are the tyres for the weekend unless they do not conform to the tread regulation. The only change to this is if new tyres are ordered in advance and in that case they must be fitted prior to going onto the circuit for the first time. The use of multiple sets of race tyres is not permitted, non race sets will be marked.

Sprocket The rear axle sprocket which is to be used at Fulbeck and Little Rissington is 79 teeth. The sprocket specified to be used at Shenington and Wombwell is 77 teeth at Stretton is 81 teeth. Any change in the sprocket to be used on a circuit will be specified in the Tyro News Letter. Drivers, who weight in excess of 60kgs ready to race, may take the option of up to 2 teeth more than the standard specification for a particular circuit.

Electronic Monitoring Devices A device capable of monitoring lap time and the engine rev range is permitted provided it is mounted on the steering wheel according to the MSA regulations. If the device is capable of downloading data this is NOT permitted at the circuit.

Weight The minimum weight of kart plus driver is 120kgs; the minimum weight of a driver is 34kgs as per U17.29.6.

Age The age range for the Gillard Junior Tyro in Motorsport UK Racing is from the 11th birthday to the end of the year in which the driver becomes 16 years of age. The age range for the Gillard Junior Tyro in IKR Racing is from the year of the 11th birthday to the end of the year in which the driver becomes 16 years of age

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'' The Tyro Ethic
To provide racing which, on and off the circuit, demonstrates respect between drivers, that takes place in a true family atmosphere. ''