Competitors should work on the basis that if any process is not clearly stated as being permissible, then they should accept that it is illegal and seek clarification from the Scrutineer.

Karts must comply with these technical regulations at all times during official practice and racing. It is the competitors’ responsibility to ensure that their kart complies.

Technical checks may be carried out before, during and after qualifying and racing. The scrutineers are empowered to undertake any form of verification they deem necessary.

Pro Extreme – 185kg. Honda Clubman – 185Kg 

If sufficient interest exist (min 5 drivers) a Honda heavyweight class will be established with a weight minimum of 195kg. No driver will be allowed to add more than 14kg to achieved this class weight.

Honda Clubman

Driver Eligibility:

Driver must be considered a novice eg: in their first 2 seasons of competition OR over the age of 55 to compete in the clubman class.

Chassis can be of any manufacture with a wheelbase of between 104cms and 108cms. All karts must be fitted with side pods, front nose fairings and Nassau panels. Bigfoot Nassau panels are NOT permitted 

The use of a second/alternate chassis is not permitted unless authorised by the race director, any driver using an unauthorised chassis in any heat/final will be disqualified from the respective race.

Any technical infringement will result in a complete disqualification from the event, the competitor will not be able to use as a dropped round in the championship.

Rear axle

Axle must be 30mm in diameter and of solid or hollow magnetic material.


A single hydraulic disc brake fitted to the rear axle must constitute the only braking system. The disc must be of metal, but can be vented, drilled or slotted. Only a calliper with a maximum of 4 pistons, 2 per side of the disc, may be used. A brake safety wire should be in place in case of linkage failure.

Rear bumpers

All karts must be fitted with a rear bumper which can be manufactured in steel tube or CIK Plastic construction. The horizontal rails of the bumper must be wider than the outer chassis rails but the bumper must not extend outside the rear wheel/tyre measurement. 

The bumper must cover at least 50% of both rear wheels/tyres at all times. The bumper must be attached to the chassis in two positions and in a manner to withstand considerable impact.


Twin Pro Extreme

Pro Extreme must be sealed to RPM specifications

Any competitor wishing to change engines during the event will need authorisation from the race director to do so, if the competitor is chosen for scrutineering at the end of the event then all engines, including engines used before a change was authorised, will need to be presented to the scrutineer.

Any technical infringement will result in a complete disqualification from the event, the competitor will not be able to use as a dropped round in the championship.

Throttle linkage

Alternative linkage system may be designed but must actuate the standard Honda throttle. Extra return springs must be fitted.



Chain-guard :

A plastic strip or the Fully enclosed type chain guards must be attached to the kart at all times.


All karts must have the steering column mounted in such a way that, even if the bottom retaining bolt is removed, it cannot pull free from the lower bearing. Eg : a collar securing collar must be fitted.


The following tyres are permitted:

Slicks Bridgestone YDS – NO WETS

No tyre softeners or warmers of any type are permitted


Only standard forecourt grade unleaded fuel permitted. NO fuel additives of any type permitted.



A maximum of 30 kilograms of lead ballast may be added to the kart to achieve minimum weight.

All ballast should be safely and securely fitted the body of the kart or the seat. a. Drivers and teams will face harsh penalties if ballast comes lose from the kart during the race meeting.

Weight post will only be allowed to carry a maximum of 7.5kg of lead ballast.

Individual pieces or blocks of ballast should weigh no more than 5kg.

The use of lead seat inserts or loose lead that the driver sits on will NOT be permitted.