Drivers Briefing

Following the new guidelines for running a karting event, a driver’s briefing will not take place on the morning of the race meeting. There may be an aural briefing for novices and those new to the circuit. It is the driver’s responsibility, or PG in the case of a competitor under the age of 18, to ensure that they have read the supplementary regulations for the event, and the drivers briefing below and, as always, understand the regulations. Read the UK IKR Series rules here: . If you have passed a PG Entrant licence to some other person you must email the authorisation letter to in advance. Do not come to or leave the circuit through either Alkerton or Shenington villages, so do not rely on sat-navs for the last part of your route. Read the website for the official routes. Contact Us – Shenington Kart Racing Club (

Make sure your team and mechanic read this briefing too.

You will sign on electronically but also to complete and hand in your written IOPD Entry Form and IOPD Licence Application form a copy of which is attatched to the Drivers Pack emailed out to all entrys, at that stage add the up to two persons that are permitted to accompany you, with vehicle registrations, and all fees must be paid in advance. You must confirm that you have read and understood the drivers briefing. SKRC will be checking for compliance with the approved list of drivers and personnel. Grids will be available online, either on the Alpha system or the website, please check your positions. We will have a practice session, qualifying and then normally three heats and a final.

Gates and Catering

The public gate to the main road will be open from 0730 each morning. Be ready to announce the class, competition number, names of yourself and passengers as declared to us. Catering: You can now approach the Catering van to make your order in the usual way, and wait at least 1m plus from others for it to be readied. You will be given a collection time if not able to wait. You must take your food and drink back to your vehicle or socially distanced in your awning to consume it. Please dispose of litter responsibly in the bin or take it home.

Race n Respect – very important
The UK IKR totally observes the Race n Respect guidelines and that means NO SIGNALLING to drivers from the side of the track please. The other Race n Respect guidelines are appended to the regulations on the website.

Officials, Programme and Regulations

Championship Regulations, the Supplementary Regulations for the day, and the Programme showing general timing and the list of officials are all available or our website and mostly also on the Alpha system.

General Points

The main aim of the Officials of the Meeting is to ensure that the event is run as safely as possible. Please remember that karting is a non-contact sport. In the event of any contact, the Officials of the Meeting will review any reports and if necessary, the judicial process will be used.

Please remember you MUST NOT take matters into your own hands. In the current situation where, social distancing is a must, any persons found taking matters into their own hands will be dealt with.

All scooters, go-peds, bicycles etc must NOT be used at any point during the event and should not be brought to the meeting. Spectators are NOT permitted to attend, only the driver plus two named persons.

To keep viewing numbers down your helpers should only watch the race involved and must follow correct social distancing guidelines at the fence side, whilst wearing a face mask. The grandstand will be strictly out of bounds and is closed.

Do not leave behind any tyres or fuel cans etc. Fines are applicable. Take your rubbish home please. Cameras are NOT permitted on the karts on race days, not even during practice.

All bulletins, results, race status (Wet/Dry/Open) will be available digitally or on the club house window by the results sheets. Note that the UK IKR uses Mylaps Kart transponders, which are usually available for hire when entering the event.

Engine Starts

We will not be permitting engine starts other than on the dummy grid preparatory to going out in an session, then it can be started when the chequer flag is displayed. Honda Cadets can start and tickover during the previous session but the kart must be on the ground with the driver seated. No lifting of rear wheels. If you absolutely have to try an engine prior to the following session phone UK IKRfor advice or ask the grid marshal. UK IKR do NOT allow engine starting in the pits / paddock or your awning otherwise a £50 fine will be levied. No driving of karts in the pits or paddock.

Specific Covid-19 related rules
All competitors can be accompanied by no more than up to two named persons including any team mechanics. Anyone leaving before the end of the meeting must notify the organisers. Spectators and members of the public will not be admitted. Anyone who has permission to remain on site overnight must lockdown in their habitat by 10pm, no mingling of different families allowed at any time. For the April meeting no overnights are permitted.

A one-way system will be in operation around the paddock and in buildings and will be marked on the floor. Please always follow this system.

The wearing of face masks is mandatory at any time in the paddock, awnings, buildings or in the fenced area surrounding the dummy grid and brown building, or spectating. Under 6 year olds are exempt from wearing a face mask. Exemptions are in a vehicle if alone or with a member of the same family, or whilst eating or drinking with appropriate social distancing. Note there are no exemptions to this for those with medical exemptions for not wearing a face covering, they should NOT attend the meeting.

If spectating, face coverings are mandatory and social distancing must still be observed, no eating or drinking.

It is highly recommended that fluid resistant type IIR masks are used in preference to face coverings. A visor/ face screen is not an acceptable replacement for a face mask/covering. Face masks/coverings are for individual and personal use and should not be shared with others. Note that whilst in an environment where there are no third parties face masks are recommended but not mandatory whilst marshalling / officiating on your own whilst trackside. Hand washing and/or sanitising remains critical. In escalating order of severity the following actions will apply for non-compliance: i verbal warning, ii for a second offence, the COVID-19 Officer will refer to the Clerk of the Course, if any further non-compliance by that same individual will result in removal from the venue.

All teams must bring a first aid kit to enable them to deal with minor injuries.

Track walks are not allowed. Note that dogs are never allowed on the circuit, but are permitted in the paddock if under control and on a lead or in an enclosed vehicle. Please be responsible and clean up any mess.

Novices must familiarise themselves with the track layout, the Out and In, before taking to the track. A track map is available on in the Drivers Pack and in the brown scrutineering building.

Should any member person attending feel unwell and exhibit any symptoms of Covid-19 they must inform the organisers of the meeting immediately and let them know all details of who they have been in close contact. They must then leave and organise a test by phoning NHS 111 then immediately inform SKRC of the result either way.

Race Starts

Please ensure you get to the grid with plenty of time. Drivers must wear their helmets from the pre-grid enclosure to leaving the post-race collecting area. Any mechanics must always stay with the kart, and it is not permitted to congregate at the front of the pre-grid or dummy grid. If you are leaving a trolley in the trolley park, you must do so as quickly as possible and return to your kart. Trolleys should be sanitised before you make your way to the pre-grid.

It is absolutely forbidden to lift the rear of a kart with the engine running anywhere.

There will be one rolling up lap for non-gearbox karts. Honda Cadet and Gearbox karts will have a standing start.

Please ensure that you leave the dummy grid in a safe manner. You must be in formation at the exit from the chicane and we may use a speed monitor for all karts on the exit of the Bruno chicane. The speed limit at this point is 30 mph, although this is subject to change at the discretion of the clerk of the course should conditions dictate. A penalty may be applied for exceeding the speed limit or being out of formation, or accelerating before the red light goes out, beware and check results for any penalties. There will be a yellow flag displayed at Hangar bend and from this point up to the start line you must not overtake.

Keep a steady speed on approach to the start line and stay inside the tram lines. Once the lights are extinguished, the race will start. If the lights remain on and false start flag is displayed, you must use the cut through between Café Corner and the Bruno Chicane and for gearbox standing starts the immediate right cut-through.

In the event of false starts the Clerk of the Course reserves the right to place any offending driver to the rear of the grid or issue an alternative place or time penalty – be warned.

During the race

Please ensure you are familiar with all flag signals.

The Clerk of the Course may request a black and yellow quartered flag to neutralise the race should there be an incident that requires this, you must slow right down, ensure there is no overtaking, and may close up safely as per a formation lap.

All Start line flags will be manual for the April meeting – the digi flag will not be used..

The direct drive (non-gearbox karts) use the first hairpin towards Stratford and the gearbox only use the full circuit. Should a non-gearbox driver overshoot the hairpin you MUST not turn around and come back, you must take the gearbox hairpin and safely and slowly with hand up re-join the race.

If you need to come in to make repairs there are marked rectangular spaces to the left of the brown building at the top of the “chicken run”. If you enter the parc ferme you cannot go back onto the circuit.

In the event of a race stoppage a Red flag will be displayed. You must make your way slowly, with no overtaking, to the exit of Wilkins, whilst being prepared to stop at any other points if instructed by the officials.
If you must pit during a race to make repairs or for a black flag, this can be done outside the brown scrutineering building. If you decide to go into the post-race collecting area you are not permitted to leave again.

Incident Handling
Should you break down or be involved in an incident on circuit you must give the marshal a thumbs up to show that you do not require medical attention. You must, where possible, move your kart to a place of safety and follow the marshal’s instructions to go to a place of safety. Do not remove your helmet at any time.

Never lift a kart over a fence, there are possible gate exits behind lap-scoring, at the Wilkins hairpin and just past the direct drive Stratford hairpin for mechanics to access with a trolley. Always obey the marshal instructions. Karts may have to be left until the end of the next race.

Race Finish

A chequered flag will be displayed at the start finish line. You must cease racing and do not overtake and make your way back to Parc Ferme and keep left at the approach to the brown building if directed for weighing, otherwise keep right. Do not remove your helmet at any point until you are out of Parc Ferme.

There will be marked areas in Parc Ferme. The first driver should use the furthest away and then all drivers following should fill up from the next furthest. All drivers must remain seated until instructed by an official.

Nose cone checks will happen whilst drivers are all seated.


When weighing, all personnel must be at least 2 metres apart. The mechanic will stand in the furthest from the weighbridge head unit, whilst the scrutineer will stand closest to it. All persons queuing must be at least 2 metres apart. The karts must stop on the distance markers for weighing in, and the mechanics must queue down the outside of the building and can enter after their driver / kart has been weighed. Weighing is permitted during practice by queuing down the side of the brown building.

Should the scrutineers require an eligibility check, the mechanic will remove the part requested. They will place it on the scrutineering table and step away. The scrutineer will then move the part behind a screen to conduct any check.

Judicial Hearings

All judicial hearings will be held in the signing on area, which will be set up to allow adequate social distancing or possibly in the Clerk’s office. As per the new kart meeting guidelines, these will be held as per the Clubman judicial regulations. Remember there is seldom a requirement for a hearing during the heats, so check the results on the website for penalties.

If there is anything you are unsure of please feel free to contact the Clerk of the Course / Organiser either via his Mobile phone on 07930 905412 or via his email address at