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General Info and Regulations

Shenington Kart Series is an 8 round IKR championship running between March and November and featuring the following classes;

Honda Senior Pro karts, (Pro Extreme, GX160, GX160 modifed)
Honda Junior Pro karts, (Pro Extreme restricted)
Honda Cadets, (Pro Extreme, GX160)
Gillard Junior Tyro
IAME Cadets
Bambinos (Comer & IAME)

The Race weekend format will be as follows:

Saturday Practice

15 minute class specific sessions run throughout the day.
These sessions will rotate (in order) for the entire day and be organised in such a way as to maximise the opportunity to practice for all drivers.

Sunday race day

All Classes  – 15 minute combined qualifying/practice session
All junior and senior classes 12 lap heats / 15 lap finals
Bambinos – 10 lap heats / 12 lap final

2019 Championship Dates

Please note. We do not race in July.

Please also note that the September round (Round 6) straddles August and September with practice on August 31st and race day on September 1st.

Round 1
Saturday 02/03/2019
Sunday 03/03/2019
Round 2
Saturday 06/04/2019
Sunday 07/04/2019
Round 3
Saturday 04/05/2019
Sunday 05/05/2019
Round 4
Saturday 01/06/2019
Sunday 02/06/2019
Round 5
Saturday 03/08/2019
Sunday 04/08/2019
Round 6
Saturday 31/08/2019**
Sunday 01/09/2019
Round 7
Saturday 05/10/2019
Sunday 06/10/2019
Round 8
Saturday 02/11/2019
Sunday 03/11/2019


National junior pro kart a4 booklet

Each race day features a practice/qualifying session followed by 3 heats and a final for all classes including Bambinos.

As information comes together for the series these pages will be updated periodically but PLEASE join our facebook page  as this is where the very latest news, information and discussions will be taking place.

To sign on for any round please follow this link and take advantage of pre-sign on discounts