Class Bambino – Comer

A1.2 Introduction.

Karts must comply with the Technical Regulations of the current MSA Yearbook section (U), except where detailed below. These Regulations are subject to periodic review and possible alteration.

A1.3 Chassis.

MSA registered Bambino chassis only, see Appendix 1 or

A1.3.1 Materials. 

Carbon fibre, Kevlar, Magnesium and Titanium components are prohibited.

A1.3.2 Bodywork & Bumpers.

As registered with the chassis.

A1.3.3 Dimensions.

At all times the rear bumper must not exceed the overall width measured to the outside of the rear wheels or tyres (whichever is greater), and the side pods may not be located outside of the plane passing through the outer edge of the rear wheel or tyre (whichever is greater). The rear bumper must always cover 50% of each wheel/tyre. Overall width at the rear: Maximum 1100mm.

A1.3.4 Steering.

Camber/caster adjustment by any means is not permitted.

A1.4 Engine.

Comer C50, the engine as raced must at all times conform in all aspects with the MSA homologation fiche. Compliance with the fiche may be checked at any time during an event. The engine numbers and seal numbers must match the information held on the UK agent’s database and on the engine’s official log book. All parts must be standard genuine Comer parts as listed on the parts list. The engine must always be used with the exhaust cover fitted. No addition of, or other change of material is permitted. No modifications, tuning or rectification to fiche for whatever purpose is allowed except as listed below or where expressly permitted by the MSA: (i) Repair of damaged threads with helicoils is permitted. The repair of the cylinder spark plug thread and/or coil mounting threads is not permitted. (ii) The spark plug cap may be replaced by parts of other commercial manufacture and which must be directly equivalent. (iii) The spark plug used must be unmodified and must use the washer supplied at all times. (iv) Gaskets may be trimmed for alignment of parts. A1.4.1 Carburettor. Dell’Orto SHA 12/14 L as per the current homologation fiche. The carburettor must remain unmodified and conform in all aspects to the official homologation fiche.


 Comer engine karts run with a restrictor although we reserve the right to reverse this policy, as we did in 2019. This will be at the discretion of the race director/clerk.


Engine based controlled components may be issued/used at any round point issued on weekend 

A1.4.3 Engine Lubrication.

Any oil specified in the current CIK list of homologated lubricants, which can be found at

A1.4.4 Engine Price.

The retail price of the engine, when new, including carburettor, ignition, drive sprocket, clutch, ignition, intake restrictor and exhaust, when sold in the U.K. will be £528 + VAT. This price may be subject to a yearly increase as agreed with the MSA.

A1.5 Transmission.

Direct from the engine to the axle via a single length of chain. Only an 80-tooth rear sprocket may be used, unless a single other size of sprocket is specified in SRs. The internal running surface of the clutch must remain dry and free of grease, lubricant or any additional substance.

A1.5.1 Axle.

As registered with the chassis. Must be fitted with circlips on the ends of the axle.

A1.5.2 Chain/Sprocket Guard.

A chain/sprocket guard complying with U18.8.5 must be fitted.

A1.6 Brakes.

As registered with the chassis. Mechanical system with solid disc acting on the rear axle only. Interruptions on the brake surface (drilling, grooves, slots, etc.) are permitted, radially vented discs are not permitted. If the brake system is registered with dual-linkage, this must be fitted at all times.

A1.6.1 Brake Disc Protector. Where required by the regulation, a brake disc protector in accordance with U16.10.10 must be fitted.

A1.7 Tyres.

Le Cont MSA 04, all-weather tyres. Front: 10 x 4.00 x 5 Rear 11 x 5.00 x 5 Maximum tyre circumference: Front 820mm, rear 840mm. The minimum tyre treads depth is 1mm at any point.

A1.7.1 Wheels.

Widths measured from outside edges: Front: 100mm min. and 115mm max Rear: 140mm ± 2mm. A

1.8. Age.

From 6th birthday to 31st December of the year of 8th birthday.

A1.8.1. Weight.

Minimum 69kg, including the driver.

A.1.8.2 Number Plates.

Black with white numbers (see U17.27). The numbers must be of the ‘Classic’ type described in U17.27.3. Exceptionally, competitors registered with the MSA Bambino Championship may use plates complying with those Championship Regulations.

A. Side pod number plates/stick-on panels must be a minimum of 16.5cm high by 7.8cm wide, with a minimum 1cm space on all sides of the numbers. Numbers must be a minimum of 13cm high, and minimum 1.5cm stroke width. They must be displayed in accordance with drawing U17.25 of MSA Yearbook section U.

A1.8.3 Data Logging.

The use of data acquisition is forbidden apart from the collection of engine RPM, GPS and lap time data only. Any sensors not permitted by these regulations must be removed/disconnected from the kart. 


Class Bambino – Iame


IAME Bambino will run to the similar regs as the current BKC series to allow drivers to switch between the 2.


1, Chassis:

recognised bambino chassis only

2, Bodywork:

as registered with the chassis, full width rear bumpers mandatory

3, Materials:

carbon fibre, titanium, magnesium & kevlar components prohibited

4, Steering:

camber/caster adjustment by means of the addition of top pill on the front stub axles only is permitted.

5, Dimensions:

the rear bumper must not exceed the overall width measured to the outside edge of the rear tyres, and the side pods may not be located outside the plane that passes through the outer edge of the rear tyre. The maximum overall width at the rear is 1100mm

6, Engine:

IAME BAMBINO M1 – to current BKC Super-One specification 2020 No removal, the addition of or any other change of material is permitted. No modifications, tuning, porting, polishing, skimming, trimming, grinding or rectification to fiche for whatever purpose is allowed.

7, Carburettor:

PLEASE NOTE there is a significant testing programme being carried out by BKC to find a replacement carburettor. When this change is confirmed we will adopt the same spec.

8, Oil:

Only Shell M Racing Castor based oil is permitted (recommended at 3% or refer to engine builder)

9, Gearing:

Only a choice of three sprockets will be permitted for each event. These are fixed as 82, 83 & 84 with a fixed front sprocket of 11.

10, Axle: As registered with the chassis and must have circlips fitted on the ends of the axle.

11, Chain/Sprocket Guard:

A fully enclosed guard must be fitted (Tillett type or similar)

12, Brakes:

As registered with chassis, if the chassis is registered with a secondary brake cable this must be fitted at all times.

13, Tyres:

Heidenau T-Race-UK Slick Front 10×4.00-5   Rear 11×5.00-5 Heidenau WH1-UK Wet Front 10×4.50-5 Rear 10×4.50-5

14, Wheels:


15, Age:

A guild line of 6 – 8 years, although no licence is required therefore a competitor outside this age can be deemed capable or eligible by the UKIKRS (AN ASSESSMENT IS REQUIRED FOR NEWCOMERS OR ANYONE OUTSIDE THE AGE GUIDELINES)

16, Number Plates:

GREEN background with BLACK numbers must be displayed on all 4 sides of the kart. THESE  MUST BE FITTED FOR ALL MEETINGS

17, Data logging:

A Mychron or equivalent is permitted for the collection of RPM and lap times, any other sensors including temperature sensors and telemetry sensors are permitted but must be fitted to the kart correctly & safely

18, Spark Plugs:

Only the NGK BR8.9 or 10EG spark plug is permitted This must be unmodified and have the washer intact unless a under plug temperature sensor is in place.

19, Fuel:

Regular unleaded 95 Octane Pump Fuel only. The UKIKRS may nominate a certain fuel station before a meeting

20. Weight:

Kart and Driver must weigh a minimum of 77KGS after any race